3 Ways Your Kids Will Have More Fun This Summer!

Camp where strangers become friends and friendships last forever!

Summer is a time for family vacations, camping in the great outdoors, relaxing by the poolside, and kids hanging out with friends. How could this summer be even more fun for your child? Summer camp could be the answer. Is your child a theater kid but prefers to be behind the scenes? New this summer, Costume Design Summer Camp will be led by Two Sisters in Stitches owners, Brenda Kinzinger and Joyce Williams. Children ages 12 - 17 will spend a week exploring the world of costume design and production for the Street Lamp Productions of Cinderella.

First, summer camp allows your children to explore new skills. We’ll start with the basics of learning about working with a sewing machine. Kids will begin to understand how to break down a script concerning the costume plot. Next, campers will explore resources for costume research. During the week, we’ll highlight different techniques in costume production including taking measurements for accurate fittings, the art of hand painting fabric, creating mask designs, working with glue guns, and designing with LED lights for the Fairy Godmother wand. Children will come home with a new vocabulary about the difference between a “sitz probe” and “dress rehearsal,” and much more.

Second, we’ll bust boredom with our own kind of “Project Runway” theme day. Campers work together on teams to come up with a mask design. Each group receives a mystery supply box with fabric, ribbon, feathers, buttons and more. Campers get to work until their time limit is up. All teams will model their masks for a fun competition in front of three judges. Winning team receives a free trip for ice cream at our local sponsor, Kilby Cream ice cream store.

Third, a camp is all about making new friends. I feel lucky working with my best friend and twin sister on our sewing adventures. Friends allow you to bounce off your creative ideas with each other. They will also be honest with you about what you think looks good might not work well for a character. While making new friends at summer camp might seem nerve-wracking, the friendships that your child makes at camp will hopefully last a lifetime. This summer let your children make new friends, expand their creativity and have fun.

Through individual and group instructions, campers prepare for a culminating performance of Cinderella showcasing their costume pieces. No prior experience necessary – only a love of creativity and theater. Our goal is to expand each child’s confidence through all different costume projects and “play.” Friends and family will be invited to the Cinderella performance on Friday afternoon. Registration opens up next month for the Two Sisters in Stitches Costume Design Summer Camp. The program runs August 13 – 17, for ages 12 -17. Camps are held from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Before and after care available if needed. All campers are encouraged to bring packed lunches and snacks will be provided. For more information about the upcoming summer camp, please contact Two Sisters in Stitches.

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